SATURDAY, AUGUST 29Juno award winning Quique Escamilla brings latin rhythms and sounds to the streets of Stratford for Streetside LIVE!

JUNO Award winner, Quique Escamilla, was born and raised in the tropical southern lands of Chiapas, Mexico. Today he is an internationally accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada.

Quique breaks down language barriers through his powerful voice and passionate delivery while fusing traditional Mexican and Latin styles of music such as ranchera and huapango with contemporary sounds of rock, reggae, ska, pop, jazz, cumbia, bolero and a variety of other sounds from around the globe.

His latest 2019 album release, Encomienda, represents Quique’s “mestizaje of the Music of the Americas”. The wide range of genres in Encomienda are to support the world’s diversity of culture, colour, race, language. Quique uses his voice and instrument to tell stories designed to decimate xenophobia and borders. He takes his Chiapas roots and Zapatista-influenced message around the world chanting: “We want a world where many other worlds fit in.”

Quique Escamilla – Máscara de Esperanza


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