SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 & FRIDAY, AUGUST 28Local favourite The Bookends join Streetside LIVE! August 23 for the Streetside LAUNCH! at Market Square and again later in the week.

The Bookends never set out to be a band, but sometimes beautiful things take you by surprise. After discovering a shared love of Celtic music in 2016, backyard summer jams turned into countless hours of exploring tunes on cold winter evenings. As the band delved into vast collections of rich music in the Celtic tradition, tune set after tune set came together and they discovered their own distinctive sound and interpretation of the melodies. With the addition of the band’s unique arrangements, The Bookends was formed.

The Bookends music has always been a family affair. As they play, explore, and rehearse, the music is always accompanied by the sounds of their children playing together in the background. The band’s name, “The Bookends” was chosen as it reflects the two families – practically mirror images of each other – coming together to enjoy the journey of music.

Earlier this year The Bookends released its first album Chapter One, a collection of favourite tunes from those countless hours of playing together. As they continue their exploration of Celtic and traditional music, they are excited to see what else they will discover and create along the way.


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