SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 & TUESDAY, AUGUST 25The Stratford Brass Quintet has been assembled specifically for this command performance as part of StreetSide LAUNCH! and again on Tuesday, August 25 on Lakeside Drive near Tom Patterson Island.

The Stratford Brass Quintet brings together musicians with years of quintet experience designed to provide spirited uplifting music. These prestigious artists offer selections in a variety of styles, including classical gems, and beloved popular themes from the world of international cinema. The players are members of the Stratford Festival, the KW Symphony, the Hamilton Philharmonic, and the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra.

Featured players include Mary Jay and Larry Larson on trumpet, Derek Conrod on horn, Jan Owens on trombone, and Jen Stephen on tuba.

Please bring a chair and we’ll see you there!

The Stratford Brass Quintet – recorded live in Toronto


    1. Hi Kim – we will be announcing the time for the Sunday performance tomorrow and the Tuesday Stratford Brass Quintet performance will be at 6:30 pm at 77 Lakeside Drive.


  1. hi there. it took me 2.5 hours to find this. I could no longer find it on FB, I searched twitter, etc., and found this page again by accident. Can you please at least post regularly on Stratford life on FB? Or on the stratford market fb page? or somewhere – anywhere – we can fine it? thanks. The graphics are nice, but information would be better!


    1. Sorry to hear that – it is the top search result on Google and we’ve posted multiple items on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and shared them to numerous local pages including Stratford Life.


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