STREETSIDE LIVE! is a music-driven event based on a highly successful concept first developed for the PanAmerican Games in 2015 by its Creative Director, Don Shipley.

STREETSIDE LIVE! re-purposes this innovative concept for Stratford, Ontario as part of the town’s economic recovery initiatives to ignite the spirit, enhance and animate the downtown core, and assist in drawing customers to retail businesses and restaurant patios, and promises to illustrate the power of community solidarity. This unique platform has been adjusted for the scale and needs of our own community.  

STREETSIDE LIVE! brings together numerous musical genres and professional musicians, playing from the cargo beds of beautiful vintage pick-up trucks that are strategically placed throughout the town. This is a concept designed for flexibility, mobility, and social distancing. The vehicles are literally parked “street side” and will engage over 60 musicians drawn from local and regional artists. The week-long programme will include 24 hours of diverse, inclusive, and accessible music ranging from Cuban to Celtic, Jazz to Bluegrass, and Latin to African. This is somewhat reminiscent of the mash-up of Caribbean sound systems, North American tailgate music events, and the multi-colored Chivas or rustic buses found in Columbia.

STREETSIDE LIVE! is financed through the generous support of investStratford, the Stratford & Area Economic Recovery Task Force, community business sponsors, and Don Shipley Productions.

STREETSIDE LIVE! is the perfect music cocktail guaranteed to cool a hot summer’s afternoon and to celebrate the universal language of music.

Don Shipley


Creative Director &
CEO of Don Shipley Productions Inc.

Don Shipley is one of Canada’s leading Artistic Directors, with an extensive career in Canadian and International Theatre and the performing arts.

Artistic Leadership Highlights
Creative Director, 2015 PanAmerican Games * Co-Artistic Director, Stratford Festival of Canada * Artistic Director/CEO, Dublin International Theatre Festival * Artistic  Director, Performing Arts and World Stage, Harbourfront Centre * Artistic Director, Grand Theatre Company London * Artistic Founding Director, Belfry Theatre,Manitoba Theatre Centre, Canada Day Celebrations in Ottawa, and Palazzo Theatre in Amsterdam. 

He has directed at major theatre companies across Canada and Europe, including the Shaw Festival, the Stratford Festival, The Grand Theatre, the National Arts Centre, The Vancouver Playhouse, The Belfry Theatre, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Canada Day Celebrations in Ottawa, and Palazzo Theatre in Amsterdam.



Event Producer + Creative/Web Designer + Performer

Pete enjoys long baths.

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