Health + Safety

Streetside LIVE! will be animating the Stratford downtown core, and as such we will be activating with an abundance of caution, including, but not limited to, the following safety measures:

  • Installation of barriers and stanchions to safely protect performers and public alike
  • Strictly enforced two-metre social distancing
  • Protective face masks for artists (pre-and-post performance) and all event staff will be worn at all times
  • Dedicated ‘Street Ambassadors’ onsite ensuring safe social distancing is maintained and that gathering beyond allowable guidelines is not permitted
  • Signage will be strategically positioned by the vehicles alerting the public to the music activation in progress and for the public to maintain safe social distancing
  • Sidewalk mats will be installed throughout the performance area reminding the public to maintain safe social distancing
  • Complete sanitization of all technical and sound equipment between performers. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be required for all staff handling equipment
  • All cables and equipment will be installed professionally and according to guidelines

Streetside LIVE! is committed to providing a fun and safe event for the public, performers, and staff.

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